Social Studies


Social Studies

Aims and Objectives:

We aim to enable students to understand themselves, society and the world at large, maintain a healthy personal development and contribute to the well-being of the family, the local community, the nation and the world as confident, informed and responsible persons.


Form 1

Enhancing Family Life

Managing Cyber-friendship

Using Urban Space Wisely - Can we maintain a sustainable urban environment?

Human needs: past and present

History, culture and heritage of early Hong Kong region

Living with Natural Hazards - Are we better equipped than the others?

Map Reading

Socio-political system of Hong Kong

The development of European civilisation

The rise of Islamic civilisation and cultural interactions between Europe and Asia in Medieval Times

Form 2

The Trouble of Water - Too much and too little

Ups and Downs of the Hong Kong Economy

Economy of Hong Kong

The Rise of Modern Europe I: The Renaissance

The Rise of Modern Europe II: Age of machines & The Age of French Revolution

Food Problem - Can we feed ourselves?

Map reading (directions, conventional signs, grid system)

Appreciating Diversity of Values

European colonial expansion

The founding and development of the United States

Form 3

International conflicts and crises in the 20th century - The First World War

International conflicts and crises in the 20th century - The Second World War

Global Socio-political system

Global Shift of Manufacturing Industry- Opportunities and threats

Changing Climate, Changing Environments

Map Reading (relief, cross-section, gradient)

Scramble for Energy

The growth, development and transformation of Hong Kong

Cold War and the post-cold War period

International cooperation since the 20th century


  1. Field Trip
  2. Poster design competition

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