English Panel Members

Panel Head Ms. Ng Suet Ying
Assistant Panel Heads Ms. Poon Sze Yan
Ms. Yung Kwun Yuet
Panel Members Ms. Chan Ching Yi
Mr. Chau Kan Yim
Ms. Chen Man Wai
Ms. Cheung Ka Man
Ms. Kwan Hoi Lam
Ms. Lam Bik Ki
Ms. Ng Hang Yu
Ms. Wong Po Yee
Ms. Wong Wa On
Mr. Carl Thompson
Mr. Ben Chisem

Biography of Mr. Carl Thompson

Hello, my name is Mr. Thompson.  I have been a teacher at KTSSS for over 10 years.  I am from Manchester, a big city in the north of England. 

I really enjoy living in Hong Kong; everything is just so convenient. I find HK is a foodie paradise, there is so much to eat here on every street corner.  I love all sorts of food, especially if it's super-spicy!  Besides just eating food, I often cook too.  I prepare various dishes, from Cantonese Mapo Tofu to British classics like fish and chips.  I don't really have a sweet tooth though, so I rarely make cakes or desserts.

In my free time I like to try and stay active by working out at the gym and swimming; even hiking if it's not too hot. In addition, I love listening to all sorts of music- especially the old classics.  Unfortunately I can't play any musical instruments, though I'd love to learn how to play the piano one day.

My other big passion is travelling.  As soon as there's a school holiday you'll find me heading to the airport.  Asia has so many interesting places and cultures and HK is a perfect base for exploring the region.  Of course Europe is amazing too; I particularly enjoy Italy and Spain, especially for the food.  I guess my favourite cities besides Hong Kong are London and New York- there's just so much to do there such as museums and theatre.

Before I came to HK I taught in a high school in London and before that I worked at a school in Greece.  As a student I had quite a few part-time jobs from working in a factory to being a salesperson, I even worked in McDonald's when I was a teenager.

I am so happy to be teaching in Hong Kong and find it very rewarding.  Although students don't pay attention all the time, I find them hardworking and willing to learn and interact in English.

I am extremely happy to be living and working in Hong Kong and plan to stay here for many more years to come.

Feel free to come and chat with me in English anytime.

Biography of Mr. Ben Chisem

Hi everyone my name is Mr Chisem and I'll be your CNET over the 2020-21 school year. My role as a Chatteris Native English Tutor is to promote an English learning environment within Kowloon Tong School Secondary Section (KTSSS), whilst making lessons as enjoyable as can be.

I was born in a small town located just outside of Leeds, in the UK. Pontefract is an old mining town in the north of England with a population of around 30,000, so quite the contrast from Hong Kong's 7.5 million people!

I studied Accounting & Finance in Leeds and was lucky enough to undertake a placement year working for ESPN in London! I loved the "big city" life London had to offer but always knew I wanted to work further afield.

I have travelled to Asia on several occasions before, visiting countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka and fell in love the continent, so felt Hong Kong was the right place for me!

I have only been out of quarantine 3 weeks, so have lots of areas of Hong Kong left to explore! Outside of work, I enjoy most sports such as football, running, hiking and going to the gym. In 2018, I managed to complete a marathon back in the UK, although I do struggle with the heat whilst running in Hong Kong. I am also part of Chatteris FC and am looking forward to travelling to all areas of Hong Kong playing football against local teams.

Post pandemic, you can find me in the best English corner ever (Kowloontongers bus) every lunch, where we will be doing different English activities such as board games, quizzes and film Fridays!

Please feel free to stop me in the playground or corridors to have a chat! I look forward to meeting you all throughout the school year!